dorothyDorothy Roberts
Dorothy doesn’t go to church, she goes to bookstores. She’s a bureaucrat, a communications grad student, and a professional wrestling fan with a weakness for John Steinbeck and really good whisky. This year, she’s not reading 40 books.
Bookstravaganza 2011: 21
Bookstravaganza 2012: 31
Bookstravaganza 2013: 34
Bookstravaganza 2014: 40
Goal: 20
Twitter: @reallydorothy

editorMatthew Stepanic
Though he knows he’ll die before he reads all the books that he wants to, Matthew still tries to deny fate every Bookstravaganza. He is the editor of Glass Buffalo, the assistant editor of WHERE Edmonton, and a board member of the Edmonton Poetry Festival.
Bookstravaganza 2011: 15
Bookstravaganza 2012: 13
Bookstravaganza 2013: 22
Bookstravaganza 2014: 12
Goal: 10
Twitter: @mstepanic

Arielle Demchuk

Arielle spends most of her time wishing she was in Iceland.  She does communications for a provincial healthcare initiative and social media for The Local Good.  This will be her last Bookstravaganza for a couple years, so she plans to attack this year’s stack of books with all the strength of a great typhoon. She’s a perpetual traveller and keeps track of her adventures on her website.
Bookstravaganza 2012: 10
Bookstravaganza 2013: 10
Bookstravaganza 2014: 21
Goal: 25
Twitter: @d_chuk314

MarinaMarina Reid Hale
Marina reads books like it’s her middle name. When not hiding with a book under a pile of blankets on the couch, Marina spends her time writing weird sci-fi, teaching poetry workshops, and hanging out with her eight-year-old godson (who is already old enough to know how uncool she is). As a slam poet, she recently competed at the 2015 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word after winning a spot on the Wild Card Team. It is the closest she has ever come to understanding sports.
Bookstravaganza 2011: 15
Bookstravaganza 2012: 21
Bookstravaganza 2013: 5
Bookstravaganza 2014: 11
Goal: 15
Twitter: @mrimm

Sydney Budgeon
These days Sydney’s hobbies include trying to keep her feet dry, avoiding any bicycle collisions, and remembering to think happy thoughts as she studies for her M.A. in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Sydney also loves soy lattes, David Fincher movies, visiting museum gift shops, and trying to think of interesting information for this biography.
Bookstravaganza 2012: 9
Bookstravaganza 2013: 22
Bookstravaganza 2014: 18
Goal: 10
Twitter: @MissBudgerigar

RebeccaRebecca M
For Rebecca, nothing sounds cozier than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea every night for the month of December. She has a mountain of books to read and Bookstravaganza is the motivation she needs to start tackling it. Let the games begin!
Bookstravaganza 2013: 10
Bookstravaganza 2014: 16
Goal: 15

aliceAlice Dolphin
Love, connection, and poetry. That’s what I look for in a book. Recently I took a quiz that told me I was an endurance reader. I pffted and shook my head. The responses to the quiz danced around my real answers, never landing. But, if I were to take my name and turn it into an acronym for reading it would be this:
Always Loves If Characters Engaging.
I won’t finish a book if the characters don’t take my heart like harp and pull on those strings, heart swelling in the book’s soundtrack.
READ- Residing Empathetically in an Alternate Dimension
Bookstravaganza 2013: 2
Bookstravaganza 2014: 7
Twitter: @SuckHeartCockle

danielleDanielle Fuechtmann
Danielle’s list of books to read is constantly growing and her idea of finally taking some time off is curling up with a never-ending pot of tea and a pile of books. She missed university so much that she’s back for round two; she’s currently studying Visual Communications and spends her days happily doing graphic design and writing code in HTML. Some of her favourite things include really terrible puns, the internet, sharply tailored blazers, and her drawer full of lipstick.

Bookstravaganza 2014: 6
Goal: 15
Twitter: @ellie_sara

booksandcatsSally Scott
Sally is a voracious reader at heart who is making her triumphant return to reading for pleasure after spending the last seven years in university. She works for EPL, and is lucky enough to spend her days surrounded by books and people who love them. Sally is passionate about heritage, Edmonton, and really good food and drink.
Bookstravaganza 2014: 5
Goal: 5
Twitter: @mssallyscott
Miranda Dolphin
Miranda is a perpetual student, trying to smush novels and poetry between the never-ending crush of research articles and academia she has to work through. She likes reading just about anything, though has a particular soft spot for poetry, humour and terrible romance novels. She is excited to have a better excuse to procrastinate this winter than Netflix….there are only so many times you can watch Gilmore Girls, after all.
Goal: 10
Twitter: @MissMirandaHD
Catherine Szabo
Catherine is a transplanted Edmontonian who has started accumulating a lot more books now that she’s done moving around the province. By day, she does communications for a non-profit arts organization. By night, she writes, edits, runs, reads, codes, explores Edmonton’s hidden gems and swims on a synchronized swimming team. She likes caffeine in all forms — coffee or tea.
Goal: 5
Twitter: @k_szabsYEG

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