How you choose to donate is up to you. You may choose to sponsor a particular reader or sponsor us as a group.  You may choose to make a single donation, or pledge to donate a certain amount for each book one (or all of us) reads.  It’s just like donating to a guy’s moustache for Movember, except the amount of your donations can actually encourage us to read more (whereas more donations do not encourage hair growth on the upper lip).

How much you choose to donate is also up to you. 100% of your donation goes directly to the Edmonton Public Library’s Literacy Vans program, which brings the latest technology resources, along with library programs and services, to Edmontonians who don’t have easy access to the library.

How to donate: Donations are accepted directly on our Canada Helps page.  If you are sponsoring a certain reader, let them know directly prior to making your donation.

Click here to donate!

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