Joyland, Stephen King

Well folks, I ate the finish line and I ate it hard. I had about 30 pages to go, but couldn’t finish and write a review before I headed out for New Year’s Eve. Although this book will not count towards my Bookstravaganza total, I thought Stephen King should not suffer just because I am a slower reader than I would like to be.

Joyland! A pretty fun read! With an amusement park, murder mystery, ghosts, and love interest, it kind of reminded me of a Scooby Doo adventure meets a coming of age summer saga. This was a highly enjoyable way to end 2015.

There is a definite rhythm and style here and although I enjoyed the character development in the last Stephen King book I read, Under the Dome, I was a bigger fan of the storyline and ending in Joyland. Yes, I know there have been whispers that Stephen King has ghost writers, but COME ON, he may just be a prolific writer. I think that is pretty cool. You do you, Stephen King!

And with that, I conclude another Bookstravaganza. Thank you for following along and a big thank you to all who have donated towards the Edmonton Public Library literacy vans. Fantastic! I hope you have a fabulous 2016, full of great reads and new adventures.


Music Corner:

  1. “Scooby Doo Theme Song– Credit where credit is due. Howie the Happy Hound saves the day instead of Scooby though.
  2. “Riders on the Storm”– The Doors- The main character, Dev, has a pretty good Doors phase, as he is getting over his first love.

Books Read: Bonus book. Happy New Year!







2 responses to “Joyland, Stephen King

  1. I loved this book when I finished it. You should really check out his book “on writing” it starts off with a 50 maybe 100 pages dedicated to his memoirs, then a huge part into what he looks into for good writing, poetry, novels, movies and screenplays, then his process of writing, and a more in depth eye into how he writes.

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