Hope Makes Love, Trevor Cole


Trevor Cole’s latest novel questions if love is merely circumstantial. A former baseball player tries to make his ex-wife fall in love with him again by hiring Hope, a young neuroscientist, to use “mind control” to make it happen. Hope is eager to join the experiment as she has her own motivations for wanting to prove that romance is just chemicals.

It’s a fun read with great characters, and it allows for much introspection. I imagine we’ve all had those relationships that just didn’t work, as if you met someone at the wrong time in life. You may ask, Did I ask the wrong questions? Did I not make them laugh enough? Was I not wearing a pleasing scent?

Whether or not Hope indeed makes love (I can’t spoil the entire premise of the novel!), this book offers some great dating tips, such as spiking your date’s food with drugs to increase endorphins and their heart rate to make them believe they’re associating positive feelings with you. (I’m mostly kidding.)

Books read: 7


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