Fifteen Dogs, Andrè Alexis

Fifteen Dogs

This book deserves a way better review than the one I can give it right now. I honestly feel bad about that. I mean it won the Giller! And rightfully so! I’m sorry, Fifteen Dogs. I wish I had time to do you justice.

Apollo and Hermes make a bet that any animal with human intelligence would die an unhappy death, and to prove it they visit a vet clinic and gift fifteen dogs with human intelligence. What happens to these dogs is fascinating, and sad, and tragic, and beautiful. They create language and form community. They make true bonds and forced allegiances and betray one another. One dog finds religion. Another writes poetry. They invent murder.

All the while, all of the gods on Olympus watch and wait eagerly as the dogs one by one meets their ends, debating whether or not each one died happy or miserable.

This book will rock you to your core and make you think about humanity and nature and culture in a whole new way. I’m still processing everything I read a few days later, which is part of a reason I don’t feel like I’m giving a very fully formed review right now. This book might also make you cry.

Just, read it. And talk to me about it in a week once I’ve had some more time to think.


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