Beautiful Girls and Famous Men, Jason Lee Norman


My friend Jason wrote this book. I bought it from him at the Royal Bison Craft & Art Fair, and I think you should buy a copy, too. Because it’s a really good book. It’s funny and it’s weird and Jason is a good dude, so people should buy his books. He is the editor of the much-venerated 40 Below anthologies, which a couple of us have read over a couple of Bookstravaganzas. You should go and get those, too. Audrey’s has lots of copies, and supporting local authors will make you feel really good, I promise.

This book is a collection of short stories about beautiful girls and famous men. The title isn’t throwing any curveballs, but all of the stories do. Jason is able to, better than any other writers I know, write things that are completely absurd but also compellingly believable. One page, you’ll be thinking “seriously, this is the strangest,” and the next, you’ll be thinking “oh, so I am feeling all of the feelings, thank you for that, Jason.” I do not know how he does it.

To convince you to read this book, I will share a short quote from one of the stories about Jennifer Love Hewitt. That there are multiple stories about Jennifer Love Hewitt should be a convincing enough reason in itself.

“At midnight you will turn back into Jennifer Love Hewitt and you won’t be my girlfriend anymore. You’ll turn back into Jennifer Love Hewitt and you’ll have to leave right away to go film Garfield 3: Nermal’s Pregnant?”

Books read: 21


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