Americas, Jason Lee Norman


“One young researcher was curious to find out if different tears that were caused by different events evaporated quicker than others. Did tears caused by physical pain evaporate quicker than tears of sorrow? The researcher soon found out that in Nicaragua all the tears evaporate in the same amount of time. Just like dropping a hammer and a feather on the moon and them landing at the exact same moment.”

I kind of cheated with this book. A large portion of this short story collection was included in The Short Story Advent Calendar. When Jason signed my copy of his story, he wrote, “This is 25% of my book.” It’s probably closer to 29%.

Americas features a story for each country in the Americas. Most of these stories are made up of true and false facts about that country’s culture, such as this witticism: “when Americans sneeze, Canadians are the first to say god bless you.” Jason’s writing style is to-the-point and thoughtful, and I can feel the careful selection of each word as I read his sentences. (Full disclosure: We are friends. Jason tried to offer me a discount on this book, but I refused, “No, writers have a right to eat.” So bias removed, right?)

I think more people should listen to Jason when he says, “Buy my book.”

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