Twelve Angry Men, Reginald Rose


“It takes a great deal of courage to stand alone even if you believe in something very strongly.”

I spent last week in King’s Heath, Birmingham, and many nights reading in bed in a third floor attic before falling asleep, listening to the rain fall on the glass panes above. On Sunday I relocated to Barcelona to get some sunshine and see the beautiful city for NYE. The airbnb apartment I’m staying at is just lovely, and among its many charms, it has a big bookshelf full of wonderful books I haven’t read yet, 12 Angry Men included.

Years ago I saw the classic film 12 Angry Men and loved it. When I came upon the Penguin published copy of the play’s script, I thought it would be an interesting way to get to know the film through its original play script, even though I’m either very skeptical or ambivalent about reading plays for such a bare bones experience to be introduced to a narrative intended to be performed. I have discovered that 12 Angry Men is actually very enjoyable to read, and re-reminds me about the richness dialogue alone can have in writing. Such an American classic, and now I find myself wanting to re-watch the film.

Books Read: 6


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