The Girls, Lori Lansens

The Girls, Lori LansensThe thing about picking up books at EPL’s Books 2 Buy sale is that usually I do so for very spur-of-the-moment reasons, so when I come back to the particular book months later, I surprise myself with why I was interested in it. Such is the case with The Girls, and in order not to spoil anything, to be fair, all the synopsis says is that these are twins with “an incredible bond, which is both physical and emotional … .”

The thing that frustrates me is that I have problems envisioning their situation exactly, although the examples that Rose explains in their day-to-day life helps a bit. As I was reading this book, there were certain passages that I bookmarked, but now, looking back at them, I can only figure out why I bookmarked two.

The first is just beautiful to read: “I believe the best the dead can hope for is to be conjured from time to time, through a note of haunting music or a passage in a book.”

And the second passage is something that always catches me off guard — when a book mentions an event that I am intimately familiar with, either because it happened in my lifetime or happened near me. In this case, both — she mentions the Calgary Flames’ Cup run in 2004, when they lost to Tampa Bay. The year isn’t mentioned, but when events like that are referenced, it always surprises me that the book is current (in this case, published in 2005) and that whatever it was, was big enough to catch the attention of people outside my community. (I mean, I know the Stanley Cup is a big deal, but to have the Flames’ Cup run mentioned in print? I digress.)

When I stop to think about it, each chapter serves as a snapshot in Rose’s and Ruby’s lives instead of a continuous narrative, but the end result is still cohesive and woven together really well.

Books read: 2


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