The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins

Christmas book!! What books did you receive under the tree this year? This one was one of mine!

As this is a Hollywood type thriller, I feel there is not much I can say without giving away key plot points. So, all I will say is this- if you enjoy satisfactory suspense or rubber necking on other people’s accidents/messy lives, this may be the read for you.

Personally I found all the characters deplorable and I really was not rooting for anyone. They all kind of deserve one another. If like attracts like, it makes perfect sense why these people found each other, and I never want to be invited to their picnic. EVER. Drama…(eye roll)…

I also wasn’t super surprised by the twists and turns, I was more so with Gone Girl. I’d say if you want this type of story, watch Hitchcock’s Rear Window instead. This was neither a horrible read nor horribly written, it was just that the characters were downright nasty and difficult to sympathize with.

Music Corner:

  1. “Nasty”– Janet Jackson- Nasty…just nasty.
  2. “Train Kept a Rollin'”– Aerosmith- There IS a train in the book!

Books Read: 13





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