Kissing Keeps Us Afloat, Laurie MacFayden


Matthew’s already told you plenty about the wonderful PoFest event where this book came into our lives. Whisky, words, wise women… it’s all of the things I like. Like him, I don’t recall which whisky accompanied this book, but I do remember liking it. And being a little  worried that four bitty sips of whisky would impede my faculties, but we stayed at Yellowhead for the next event, too, so there was nothing really to worry about.

My cats are in full-on LET’S WRECK EVERYTHING mode, so I can’t get into too many details of how I feel about this book. Basically: these are lusty poems, and the guy I’m seeing is out of town. And these poems are filled with accepted insecurities, and I’m pretending I’ve got it all together (in spite of the cats running around destroying all of my belongings). I’m thinking of pouring myself some whisky right now – I have an unopened bottle of Forty Creek, anyway. I dog-eared a bunch of things in this book, here are a couple that would go well with that bottle:

“and I didn’t merely fear this; this i knew,
by tenth grade, to be a fact:
i would never, not ever, be one of the cool kids”

“let us rejoice, then, in the knowledge that all life is a howl
it’s palatino bold and pounding sweet, this fuck helvetica life
and we are in it, we are all in it, up to our wooly watchcaps

we are rolling in the deep-crazy leaping-greenly
sweet-old-et-cetera wham-bam of it”

Books read: 18


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