The Science of Kissing, Shirel Kirshenbaum

AHHHHHHHHH! Have you ever taken out a library book, got to the end and found pages missing?! PAGES MISSING!!!

Yes folks, I feel I can’t give you a full review, because someone removed the 10 pages at the very end, highlighting how to improve your kissing technique. Pages were ripped from the spine of this mediocre to satisfactory book on kissing! This poor book has been mutilated.

To be fair, there is much more going on than just kissing skills. It contains the evolution of kissing, how different cultures approach kissing, the idea that kissing is more based around scent and finding a healthy mate via hormones, pheromones, and MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex), etc. I even learned that in rural Austria there was/is? a custom where girls dance with an apple slice under their armpit, present it to the guy they fancy and then he eats it. Fascinating! Does that work? I actually think it might. I also feel like some people reading this right now would agree, instinctually understand why it isn’t a completely abhorrent idea, and are kind of turned on.

Back on track. Who steals book pages?! While I have been robbed of how to perfect my kissing skills, I can imagine there might be a few things that were said, like 1) Courtesy- kind of like the courtesy needed to “read the room” or NOT RIP PAGES OUT OF A LIBRARY BOOK 2) Creativity- you know, to spice things up & keep someone on their toes. Creativity can also be used in remembering there are such things as photocopiers, scanners, cameras, or even pen & paper if you are old school & a bit of a romantic, so you need not RIP PAGES OUT OF LIBRARY BOOKS. 3) Oral hygiene, lip balm, breath mints and such.

Onwards and upwards, people!

Music Corner:

  1. “This Kiss”– Faith Hill- I actually abhor most popular country music. However, it’s 2am and this earworm popped in my head. Meh…
  2. “I Was Made For Loving You”– KISS- Heh heh heh. Yep!

Books Read: 12



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