Seeing the Light, E.C. Bell

Seeing The Light

Seeing the Light is another book that I finished a while back and never got around to reviewing. Sorry, everyone. We’re almost caught up now.

E.C. Bell is an Edmonton writer, so this paranormal mystery will also tick your ‘local lit’ box on book bingo. I love reading local, so I was really excited to pick up Seeing The Light. It’s the first in Bell’s Marie Jenner Mystery series, featuring Marie, a reluctant amateur detective with a knack for communicating with ghosts.

The book was kind of long and slow moving in parts, but overall a really enjoyable read. There were some unexpected plot twists that I really enjoyed, and I never would have guessed the direction the book took by the end. Marie is a fun character, but also a bit frustrating at times. Her reluctance to go to her mother (an experienced medium) for help makes little sense. I also don’t understand Marie’s interest in James, her potential love interest, who never impressed me much. I do really like Farley, the ghost. All of the men in Marie’s life, James and Farley included, try to control Marie a lot, acting as though they know best. While they eventually get told off or shown to be wrong, it’s not enough to counteract things for my liking.

Overall though, it’s a good read, and I’ll definitely be picking up the recently released second in the series, Drowning in Amber.


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