Hector and the Search for Happiness, Francois Lelord


Ugh. Can I be quite frank? After reading A Dog’s Heart, anything was going to be disappointing. This was especially so. I did not enjoy reading this pointless book.

Enter: Hector. Hector is a psychiatrist. Hector wants to understand what makes people happy. Hector goes on a trip around the world and encounters many uncomplicated, stereotypical characters who help him to understand how to be happy in his ordinary life, but not before cheating on his girlfriend and being abducted by carjackers. Hector, I hate you.

Of course they made it into a movie. Of course the movie stars Simon Pegg. Why wouldn’t they? Why wouldn’t it? This is exactly the kind of saccharine drivel that sells big. Give me dogs with human pituitary glands any day. I don’t need Hector’s list of lessons about happiness; all I need is bleak Russian prose and vodka.

Books read: 17


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