Brave Enough, Cheryl Strayed


Okay, okay, I read a quote book. Arielle did it, too. Nothin’ wrong with that.

This December I’ve been feeling a particular need for Cheryl Strayed’s brand of wisdom. I’m not quite enough of an adult to handle the professional, academic, personal, and romantic challenges that come along with adulthood. I need a guide. Cheryl Strayed is that guide.

Every time I panic that the fellow I’m dating is too nice and that I’m gonna fuck it up? Cheryl Strayed.
Worried about getting all my essays, etc. done by January 17? Cheryl Strayed.
Doubtful about my ability to not full-on scream at my dad on Christmas? Cheryl motherfucking Strayed.

Here’s my favourite Cheryl Strayed quote. It’s not in this book, but I love it all the same.

“I suppose this is what I mean when I say we cannot possibly know what will manifest in our lives. We live and have experiences and leave people we love and get left by them. People we thought would be with us forever aren’t and people we didn’t know would come into our lives do. Our work here is to keep faith with that, to put it in a box and wait. To trust that someday we will know what it means, so that when the ordinary miraculous is revealed to us we will be there, standing before the baby girl in the pretty dress, grateful for the smallest things.”

Books read: 12



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