Wendy, Walter Scott


We all know this feel:

Wendy 2

That phrase summarizes my experience with this book: I understand all of your feels, Wendy. A struggling artist and often careless person, Wendy tries to balance her relationships, responsibilities, and art while maintaining her party lifestyle. I spent most of this book chuckling and thinking I knew someone exactly like all of Walter Scott’s caricatures. But by the third part, this graphic novel surprised me: the characters developed. They began to escape their vicious cycles as they (particularly Wendy’s promiscuous and annoying gay friend Screamo) responded to the consequences of their actions, appreciated the relationships in their life that actually contained some value, and understood what in their past led them to behave as they did. I hope to one day grow up as Wendy has, but I’ll still give myself a bit of time.

Books read: 3


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