Weight, Jeanette Winterson


“I want to tell the story again.” – Jeanette Winterson

I want to read the book again. Or maybe that’s not true. I want to relive other myths and stories through Winterson’s lens. Though I enjoyed this book, it’s easily my least favourite read from Winterson. (Have you read my review of Written on the Body?) I love Winterson’s simple prose soaked in subtext, the way so much can be said in what is unsaid but done.

Weight leads the myth of Atlas and Heracles into the modern day and asks the question, what regrets might someone have after carrying the burden of the world for so many centuries? And, what consequences might there be in finally setting it down? Read other Wintersons first, but don’t miss out on this one. (Also, try to buy the book with the above cover; my book has a less attractive one.)

Books read: 4


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