Love Letters of the Angels of Death, Jennifer Quist


“your unlined face would have been perfectly matched to the fact that nothing much has ever really happened to you. How come we never hear of fortune tellers who read the lines in faces instead of hands? Maybe it’s because we’re born with lines in our palms but the lines in our faces only come with time. Faces must only be good for reading the past.” – Jennifer Quist

I wanted this book and I to be better friends. I have an obsession with the macabre: I count Stephen King’s novels and Agatha Christie murder mysteries among my favourite books. I thought a novel about a couple who are drawn closer together through all of their experiences with death would be my ideal read. And this fantastic first line, “It was only a matter of time before we found human remains,” should have been a sign of the speed at which I’d be flipping pages. But this book didn’t hold me as I hoped it would.

Most of the novel is narrated by the husband in the first person with him referring to his wife in the second person. The narration style was a jarring choice, but once I had some time to sit with the book for an extended period, I got used to it. I’m a fan of this story and the insights collected in it, and I appreciated the couple’s real and natural relationship that lacked cliches, but I would have preferred it delivered in another way.

Books read: 5


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