Kissing Keeps Us Afloat, Laurie MacFayden


This year, the Edmonton Poetry Festival hosted the best lit event I’ve ever attended. Poets read poems (as you’d expect) but each also paired their poetry with a whisky. (The friends I went with don’t like whisky, so the amount of alcohol I drank that night may be colouring my memory of the event.) This is where I discovered Laurie MacFayden’s work.

I don’t recall what whisky she chose, but after reading this book, I believe it must have been a stunningly smooth whisky that burned once it started down the throat. (Maybe that’s every whisky? My palette has a greater intelligence for recognizing wine characteristics.) Though most of the poems in this collection centre on love and lust, some beautiful surprises include “aunt ramona’s resplendent revenge pudding,” “the last night” (about the night before her mother’s funeral), and “fibonacci sonnet in the key of alzheimer’s” (some of these titles! amiright?). This collection made my Christmas Eve more lustful than usual, and I’m very grateful for it.

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