Adulting, Kelly Williams Brown

Adulting is an operations manual for…well, being an adult. It had advice about finding and maintaining an apartment, job, relationship, and so on.

I was expecting the book to be funnier. I don’t know why. The cover is kind of funny, and it’s kind of a funny topic, so maybe that’s it. Anyway, this book was definitely more supposed-to-be useful than it was funny.

Brown’s writing style was also odd, especially given that she’s a reporter. She used a lot of “so, so,” and “really, really,” and “very, very,” and it was just very, very, so, so odd. It felt like something that easily could have been edited out.

Also, not to brag, but I felt like I knew a lot of the stuff Brown put forward already. I’m the same age she was when she wrote the book, so I guess that makes sense. I was simultaneously pleased to know that I have been adulting correctly, and disappointed to know that there’s not some big secret to adulting that I’ve been missing all along. Margaret Atwood says that the secret to being an adult is that you don’t feel like one, and neither does anyone else around you. I guess that’s true.

Books read: 2


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