40 Below Volume 2: Alberta’s Winter Anthology


“In winter, loneliness weighs less outdoors.”

With the release of 40 Below Volume 2, this is probably the most “meta” Bookstravaganza gets.  Both myself and reader Dorothy have read it so far, and it features the poetry of another reader, Matthew.  Reading a book for Bookstravaganza that has writing by another Bookstravaganza reader in it.  What’s not to love?

Like the first volume before it, 40 Below touches on what’s to love (and not love) about winter in Edmonton, though in volume 2, it extends to Alberta-wide authors and experiences. There are some repeat authors from the previous volume as well.

I think, as I distance myself from Edmonton in preparation for a long, extended adventure to South America, this book reminds me of what I am going to miss next winter when I’m off chasing summer on the other side of the equator.  Last year, I found things to love about Edmonton in a post on my personal blog, but winter has left me feeling bitter this year as I am only looking forward to not having to deal with most of winter next year.

This book is a great gift for the winter-phile in your life, or someone who likes reading about local places by local authors.  But for me, it only made me look forward to not freezing my bones off in the winter of 2016/2017.

Books read: 12


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