Sticks and Stones, Janice MacDonald


Just for the record, if you haven’t tried the london fog at Burrow in Central Station, you’re missing out. It’s the foggiest.

So last night I was thinking “hmm, I’m kind of tired but I want to read something before bed,” and of course that meant I was going to read a mystery. Luckily, I had a Randy Craig mystery in my stack. I’ve read one of these for the past few Bookstravaganzas, and every time I’ve been pretty satisfied.

They’re satisfying because Randy Craig is a real person you would hang out with, and because Janice MacDonald is hella skilled at weaving these mysteries in and around places her readers are familiar with. This book is the first Randy Craig mystery, and it was very interesting to see the roots of the character emerge. I was particularly impressed with how MacDonald established Randy’s relationship with Steve. That girl got game.

Other note from this book: I picked it up secondhand at the Wee Book Inn, and managed to snag a signed copy for $7.95. Have you been to your local used bookstore lately? No? Well, go do that. And then go for dinner at the High Level Diner. That’s my plan for tonight.

Books read: 10 (Arielle, I know we aren’t competing, but I’m coming for ya)


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