40 Below: Volume 2, ed. Jason Lee Norman


Y’all, it got cold. I’ve been wearing my down coat, so I’m fine, but I forgot about a hat the other day and tried to tough it out. No dice. My ears were pretty unhappy.

Having skipped out on the first few weeks of winter by spending most of November on Vancouver Island (where I intend to relocate sooner rather than later, let’s be real about it), I was wholly unprepared for snow and genuine cold. And it’s not even been a bad winter, I’m just not in the mood for it this December. Or I wasn’t, until I read 40 Below: Volume 2. 

Do you know Jason Lee Norman? No? Probably you should change that, because Jason is very rad and he does very rad things for writers in Alberta. One of those rad things is 40 Below. A couple winters ago, he published Volume 1, which I read and loved, and now the second volume has emerged, fully formed, into the world. It includes a couple of lovely poems by fellow Bookstravaganzer, Matthew Stepanic. And everything in it is great. My favourite things in it are Matthew’s poems and a charming short story by Aiden Hailes about hibernation (Permanent Residents). I’m thinking you should go down to Audrey’s and pick up a copy of this book, because you’ll certainly enjoy reading it as much as I did, and you’ll be supporting local authors, to boot!

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