The Art of Asking, Amanda Palmer


I’m fighting a bit of a cold right now, so learning from Amanda Palmer, I am asking for a little bit of patience while I grapple with this review. Picture me snuggled under a pile of blankets with a grumpy cat face. I love that I can say ‘grumpy cat’ and most people will know what I am talking about. Oh, what a strange world we live in.

The Art of Asking is at its heart a memoir. If you would like the Coles Notes version, I suggest watching Palmer’s TedTalk. Although much of the book is about Palmer’s growth as an artist and her relationships with record labels, fans, her audience, crowdfunding, and twitter, my favourite chunks deal with her most sacred relationships. One of those being her now husband, Neil Gaiman, and the other being her best friend, Anthony. For me, this is where my heart softened and I saw Palmer at her most vulnerable. Permit me the pun, but perhaps these relationships were the HeArt of her learning to ask?

Palmer reminds us that it is always acceptable to ask, but the flip side of the art of asking is that it is always acceptable for the person to say no. That is the gift, because any ask with conditions is truly not a gift.

Offer your flower & take the donut! Thank you, Amanda =)

Music Corner:

  1. Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want– The Smiths- You know…manners and such.
  2. I Want You, But I Don’t Need You (Momus cover)– Amanda Palmer- Yeah, it’s a cover, but I LIKE the way Amanda performs it. (uncensored- you’ve been warned)
  3. Amanda has also created a playlist around all her songs referenced in the book.

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