Mary, Vladimir Nabokov

mary cover.jpg

Things about this book:

  • I’m realizing I only read Vladimir Nabokov in transit. Planes, trains, and automobiles, friends. Let’s get me a submarine and see how he reads on there.
  • This was a charming morning read for a scary mountain road trip made less scary by my brother’s steady hand at the wheel.
  • Still probably shouldn’t read Nabokov in the car. He deserves a well-brewed cup of tea and a wingback chair.
  • I picked this book up at Russell Books in Victoria, and remembering the glory of that bookstore makes me want to move to the island immediately.
  • This is my second debut novel of Bookstravaganza 2015. That’s a weird trend to be setting!
  • I don’t like this as much as I like Nabokov’s later work. You can see all the pieces there, but they haven’t come together the way they would in his later novels.
  • It’s still completely brilliant.

Books read: 3


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