Shoplifter, Michael Cho

“Sometimes I think I only see moments like that through some kind of screen.”

This is my first review for Bookstravaganza this year, but it is not the first one I’ve written under the influence of cold medication. I’m going to keep this short and sweet (like the book) to keep it (hopefully) sensible.

Unfulfilled by her work as a copywriter for an ad agency, Corinna Park turns to shoplifting magazines from her big-chain convenience store to add a little thrill to the everyday doldrums. Cho’s artwork in this graphic novel is stellar and heightens the symbolism in this story, but in this book’s too-few pages, not much story develops and it goes in the direction you’d expect it to. (Maybe because I feel it almost resembles where I see myself in five years? Minus stealing magazines–I’ll always pay for print. Maybe I’ll steal snacks.)

Nonetheless, I enjoyed this slice of life. Corinna’s story still has a unique feel, and it’s a good reminder to check in on your life and evaluate what is or isn’t making you happy.

Books read: 1


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