We Should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


“What struck me…is how invested [women] are in being ‘liked’. How they have been raised to believe that their being likeable is very important and that this ‘likeable’ trait is a specific thing.  And that specific thing does not include showing anger or being aggressive or disagreeing too loudly.

We spend too much time teaching girls to worry about what boys think of them. But the reverse is not the case.   We don’t teach boys to care about being likeable.  We spend too much time telling girls that they cannot be angry or aggressive or tough, which is bad enough, but then we turn around and either praise or excuse men for the same reasons.”

This was a nice little lunchtime read for the first day of Bookstravaganza – and one that EVERYONE should read.  So often have I talked to people who don’t understand what it means to be a modern-day feminist, that it isn’t about man-hating and bra-burning and not-shaving.  But also, that everything is NOT fine now – so many believe that men and women ARE equal, that they have the same privileges, that there is no need for feminism.  These are the people who need to take 20 minutes out of their life and either watch Adichie’s TEDTalk or read this book.

It all goes back to the way we raise our children, and the only way we will see a widespread change in attitude is if these ideas are instilled early.  Throughout the time I spent reading this book, I was basically nodding at all of Adichie’s points and thinking “yeah girl” in my head.  This book articulates how I want to articulate modern feminism to the people that say the words “feminism” or “feminist” with the same disdain, anger and fervor as one says “terrorism.”

Everyone read this book, and then make everyone you know read it.

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