My (Virtual) Stack

So being the broke student I am, I tend to get ebooks because they are slightly cheaper.  I also may have accidentally accrued a rather large library fine that I will totally pay in 2016 when I get my student loan…ahem. Speaking of the library, just a reminder that this reading binge is only slightly for our own pleasure/an excuse to hide away for the holidays, but is also in support of the Edmonton Public Library Literacy Vans, which is pretty dang cool. Basically a marathon without all the terrible running and just lots of words and cups of tea instead. Check out some of the prior posts to see the full details. Anyway, my book choices are a mishmash of books I have been meaning to read, recommendations from friends and books to help me get over a very recent break-up. Oh, and trashy Christmas romance novels because they are the caramel-covered shortbread of my stack: way too sweet, not great for my health in huge quantities, but an integral part of my Christmas experience. So here are the 12 virtual books I hope to make it through in December (though I will be happy with around 5):

The Year of Magical Thinking


This Is How You Lose Her


I Don’t Care About Your Band


Etta and Otto and Russel and James


Just Kids


Men Explain Things to Me


Fifteen Dogs


Why Not Me


No One Belongs Here More Than You


and three Christmas romance novels because I sometimes I just need some mindless indulgences, especially around Christmas

An Affair Before Christmas


A Wallflower Christmas


The Devil in Winter



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