Welcome, Book Fiends! (Marina’s Stack)


Marina's StackWelcome, book fiends!

Everyone’s favourite time of year is nearly upon us… the month where family and friends wonder where the heck I’ve disappeared to and must resort to donating money to worthy literary causes if they want to drag my attention away from whatever novel it’s burrowed into now. That’s right, it’s Bookstravaganza!

People smarter than me have already talked about this year’s cause, the EPL’s Literacy Vans program, so I won’t be redundant. All I’ll say is please support both this great cause and our near-problematic reading habit. It’s a great way to add a few last-minute ticks to the Nice column before Santa does his final tally.

This year, I’ve set my goal at fifteen books. I’ve read more than that in some years, less in others. I can’t really predict what December 2015 has in for me or how much time for reading it’s going to grant me, so I tried to set a goal that was somewhat modest, but still challenging. I may not hit my goal. I may soar past it. I hope I soar past it! There are so many great books I could read this month! But we’ll see, you and I.

For once, I’ve crafted a stack of exactly fifteen books. That’s more coincidence than anything else, but it’s nice. In my stack this year, you will find… books recommended by friends (The Alchemist, Fifteen Dogs), books recommended by family (Revival, Stone Mattress, A Princess of Landover), some local authors (Seeing the Light by E.C. Bell, 40 Below Volume 2 edited by Jason Lee Norman, Falling Blues by Jannie Edwards), some poetry (Falling Blues again, Open Letter by Sheri D Wilson), some YA (Black Widow: Forever Red), some classic Bookstravaganza authors (Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman, Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith), some books that jumped out at me asking to be read (Orphan 8, The Damned), and, finally, a book I found on my shelves that I have no recollection of whatsoever, but that looks pretty darn cool (Galore).

I probably won’t stick to this stack; I’m a very impulsive reader. There are other titles on my shelves, my Kobo, and my Audible account that may try to skip the line. And I know I can’t keep  myself from buying new books for one entire month! So if you have any recommendations to throw on the stack, please, throw away.

Let’s go get our book nerd on.



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