Re: Stacks

My stack is small this year, but it is mighty. Last year I feel short of my goal, only reading five books. This year, I’ll make it my goal to read five and will be happy if I exceed it. Reasons to like our group goal, no. 1,051.

Not a lot has changed since last year–I’m still plugging away at various projects. One thing that will be different this December is a whirlwind trip to Massachusetts I’ll be taking over Christmas. My partner and I are going to visit his extended family. I’m looking forward to some plane-reading!

One more thing that hasn’t changed is that I still work for Edmonton Public Library. I get to see first-hand the impact that our programs make on the community (and I often get to do the programs!). Our Literacy Van initiative is really special–this is not your traditional bookmobile. The vans carry programs (and programmers!), technology, and other library services to communities that don’t have access to a library yet. In a sprawl-y city like Edmonton, this is extra important!

I’m looking forward to devouring at least half of my stack this year, and I’m looking forward to having you along for the ride.




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