I’m calling this my stack-a-slack, not because I will be wearing slacks while reading(I prefer to read in the nude while bathing), but because I most likely will be slack and not read many or any of these books.

I will read books(at least 2 so I can use the plural), but whether I will read these specific books pictured really depends on my mood.

One of the books is a loaner, Fifteen Dogs. Apparently a lot of dogs die. I don’t know how I feel about this, but Matthew raves and says it must be read. But it may grow musty on my shelves, if my heart just can’t take the pooches’ demises.

Another book is the Wild Feminine, very apt right now. Since I have been dreaming of soft melting feminine hugs , of embracing my feminine side. My mom gave me this book, she warns me it includes vaginal massage techniques. To loosen the shame and free up the energy we hold in our pelvic bowl. A word that makes me think “Vagina Soup” which incidentally is now what I am christening my most recent poem.

So the books intrigues me and yet sometimes the idea of reading non-fiction can be daunting. Especially since I tend to read the “fix-me” “help yourself” kinda fiction, that if read wrong can leave you feeling more broken, more inferior, like there is more you have to do, to be okay.  Which is not cool and so I may scrap the other two non-fiction books on my stack by Osho on meditation and intuition. Because honestly I am sick of people telling me how to do shit. And yet intuition is about discovering what you really want to do, but why do I need someone telling me how to access it? Is it really so buried?

But fortunately I went to the library last night and pulled out a number of books including one about how the Queen of England goes incognito and explores England and her place in the world.  I picked out another book because it’s first sentence was compelling, a women falling face first, her glasses cutting her. Another one I liked the name: The Ladies’ Lending Library and it comes with a staff recommendation sticker from Lindy. Lindy I often see eye to eye when it comes to book taste. Good ol Lindy. Another book that appealed to me is called the Giant’s House which apparently is a national book award finalist, whatever that means. But it’s a tale about misfit woman in her twenties who works at the library in the 1950’s and finds an odd companion in an eleven year old boy.

There are a few others on the stack, some may just be there for height. Some may slide off, others may be added along the way. But as long as I live I’ll be playing Jenga with books. Wiggling out that book that is most loose, that book that slides easiest down my brain into my heart.

I Alice vow to read at least 2 books. I will aim for 9, but I believe reading is for pleasure not for pressure. I Alice vow to have a sinking into, a surrendering, a full body relaxation reading experience that raises money for the greater good!

Amen to that. Read on!


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