I’m So Excited! (Rebecca’s Stack)

This post will be short and sweet, unlike my STACK! Check it out! I am so excited (shades in the bathtub excited!) to demolish this tower of books over the month of December. Note that approximately 2/3 of my books are borrowed from our friendly neighbourhood Edmonton Public Library and this isn’t even all of them. Some books are still on hold and may come in during the month. Thank you, EPL, you rock! Not only do they ensure that their resources are available to people who may not have easy access to them via literacy vans, but they humour my suggestions for titles not currently in stock, and order them i.e. Patti Smith’s M Train. You can suggest stuff too, with your free library card! Yes folks, free. Not only can you expand your world, brain, and vocabulary, but also save your sweet, sweet cash. And with all that sweet, sweet cash you have saved, consider donating some of it towards this year’s Bookstravaganza cause: those literacy vans.

With my reviews this year, I will attempt to add a little extra sparkle, by linking a song that reminds me of the book in some way. If I could send you some sort of scratch and sniff instead, I would, but our current technology isn’t quite up to that standard. Even a wine pairing would be cool, but I am still in my infancy of wine knowledge. Therefore, musical accompaniment it shall be!

I hope you enjoy this year’s rendition of Bookstravaganza. I know my introvert tendencies are dying to delve in. At the very least, I hope you come away with some new titles to investigate. However, if you decide to donate, thank you so much! Kisses, hugs, unicorns, and sugar cookies! Let the fun begin!

Stack 2015! It's good to have goals =)

Stack 2015! It’s good to have goals =)


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