The Grand Adventures of Bookstravaganza (plus Arielle’s book stack)

A lot can happen in a year.  Next thing you know, it’s midway through November, and Bookstravaganza starts in less than two weeks.

The impending Bookstravaganza took all of us by surprise. Many of us knew that, with our respective busy lives, that there was no way we’d be able to read as much as in previous years.  And that’s one of the biggest tragedies of growing up – having to prioritize things you have to do over things you want to do.

But in a world that, especially recently, has been tainted with not so good things, Bookstravaganza is a good thing. We raised over $1000 for the Edmonton Public Library’s Welcome Baby program last year, and over $500 for Indigo Love of Reading the year before.  We’re not here to save the world, but even in our busy lives, we can make someone’s world a bit brighter with the gift of our favourite thing – books.

This year, we will be focusing our donations towards the Edmonton Public Library again, this time with their Literacy Vans program.  A literacy van will bring the latest technology resources, along with library programs and services, to Edmontonians who don’t have easy access to a library.  And here at Bookstravaganza, we don’t want location or transportation services to be a barrier to the joy of reading.

So this year (to take the pressure off of our more competitive readers), we have eliminated the competition factor, and have decided to read towards a group goal of 100 books.  Then, even the busiest of our friends can still contribute to the total (so long as they still blog about their experiences and the books they have read).  As a generally slow reader who has to use every ounce of energy I have to read more than two books a month, this is a sigh of relief for me.

My biggest stack yet.

My biggest stack yet.

That being said, I have still gotten myself ready with a fairly ambitious stack.  There’s some short works of poetry in there, some Icelandic authors, some books from last year’s stack that never got read, some Can Lit award winners and/or nominees, some books I was supposed to read for past editions of our book club but never did, some travel books, some books by famous people, random books I found at Wee Book Inn when I traded in all my teen fiction, books people have lent me that I’ve had on loan for too long, and some books by my favourite authors which have sat unread on my shelf for too long.  I read 21 books last year, and there are 27 books in this stack.  I hope to read 20 again, but I’d also be happy with 15.  I’m not picky, but I DID set my Goodreads Reading goal to 40 books, and since I’ve only read 11 so far this year, I TECHNICALLY have to read 29 books by the end of December (because Goodreads keeps giving me annoying notifications about how I’m not even a little bit close to meeting my goal)…

I hope my rambling inspires you to follow the grand adventures of Bookstravaganza this December.  Maybe one of us will inspire your next read with one of our reviews, or perhaps inspire a Christmas gift for a fellow book-lover in your life.  And maybe, as is our greatest hope, you will consider a donation to the worthy cause of Edmonton Public Library’s Literacy Vans, a gift that will keep on giving in our community.


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