Let the Celebration Begin!

Happy New Year!  Happy 2015 to everyone!

Another Bookstravaganza competition is over – hard to believe.  It looks like many of us were able to succeed our goals, but I think even reading one book during this chaotic time of year deserves some celebration!

I want to thank all my friends from D.C. who were able to help me: Lucy, Arleta, Burakhan, Adam, Marta, Wendy, Sweet, Celine, Camille, Daniel, Danny, Audrey, Kathleen, Shanelle, Mimi, Carla, Gabri, Vittorio, Roberta, and Munkhnaran!  This wouldn’t have been as nearly as special an experience without all of you to help me!

I think about our charity of Welcome Baby, and how the most exciting part of this charity is thinking about the beginning of the journey as a reader.  It never really ends; it always keeps surprising us.  Not only does it enrich us independently, it always gives us new things to discuss and share with others.  Along the way of gathering all these recordings, I’ve been lucky to hear some really special stories about the journey of reading aloud: some of my friends remembering the process learning their native language and then starting again with another language; others sharing their stories of teaching others to read in tutoring or nannying; and some even using reading aloud as an intimate part of their closer relationships, a way to stay connected in long distance relationships or just a way to spend a Thursday night.

I thought it would be appropriate, since I forced so many to read to me, that I do a little reading for you.  You may or may not recall I mentioned a book in my first post called Let the Celebrations Begin: A Story of Hope for the Liberation by Margaret Wild and illustrated by Julie Vivas.  It was the first book I ever read that even brought up the Holocaust to me, the first of dozens and dozens that followed and that have lead me now to my newest goal of gaining a Masters in Genocide and Holocaust Studies.  Back in D.C. I decided to buy it for myself – something I hope to come back to time to time, like all good books that deserve revisiting.  Since the beginning of Bookstravaganza my cousin has had her baby, a very beautiful baby girl named Lyla, but I’ll hold off reading it to her for awhile yet.  I realized, however, I could read a bit for you!

Let me just say that reading this to be recorded it is a lot harder than it looks, and yes, it is hard listening to the sound of your own voice! Apologies to all the readers I laughed at when they insisted they did not want to hear their voice being played back to them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this last video, and please donate to Welcome Baby – you until January 4th (so tomorrow) to do so!  And thank you to everyone who did!


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