The 7th and final book

Alice Keen

Okay I finished Reading A Simple Thing by Kathleen McCleary a few days ago. Which I mistakenly thought was named a Simple Life, which basically sums up how distracted I have been lately. Today I smacked my hand on the corner of the mall while mopping and then fell and smashed my shin while getting into the shower. Bruises galore. But my head is intact and therefore I can still write a quick review. But come on it’s new years eve, so let’s make it short a sweet.

Kinda like this book, short and sweet and full of two intertwining tales of women living on the remote west coast island of Sounder ( which may or may not exist, though I am guessing it’s made up.).

One woman is Susannah, who takes of with her troubled teenage daughter and bullied pre-teen son, in hopes that she can protect them from the…

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