Jailbird, Kurt Vonnegut

Have you ever known a cat to snore? That’s what I’ve been dealing with, reading this book. Gord is sitting next to me, snoring away, occasionally doing that sleepy cat-stretch thing. It’s adorable and very distracting. How am I supposed to read 40 books when all I want to do is snuggle with my cat buddy? I don’t have that much willpower, but I’ll get there.

This is the third Vonnegut I’ve read this month. I dug it. It’s pretty vintage Vonnegut. He weaves you in and around and through the life of the narrator, Walter Starbuck, a man recently released from a short stint in prison related to Watergate. More precisely, it’s a book of Walter Starbuck rambling a lot, and you will hear no complaints about that from this reader.

It was written in 1979, so you get a sense of late 70s politics – lots of red-scare stuff and capitalist discussion that’s deeper than it lets on – and of course it’s also about war. Because all of his books are about war. It’s the kind of weird that Vonnegut and Vonnegut alone could do, where you know he was just riffing for parts of it and somehow it came out right. Kilgore Trout’s in there, a bit, but mostly just to mess with you.

God, there are only six hours left. I don’t have to read any books tomorrow. But I have to read one more today. Once more into the breach.

Books read: 39



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