40 Below: Edmonton’s Winter Anthology, Jason Lee Norman (ed.)


There is so much I could say about 40 Below: Edmonton’s Winter Anthology. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about winter and this city and particularly this city in winter… but I’m running short on time so we’ll keep it quick.

I love reading local writers, so even just for that alone 40 Below is a treat. There’s a huge amount of poetry here, which I shouldn’t have been surprised about; Edmonton is actually a very poetic city, I’ve come to find. The short stories were much shorter than I expected, many only a page or two long, but delightful, all of them. I often had fun trying to suss out the fiction from the nonfiction.

This anthology is amazing, and I’m so proud to see such great work come out of Edmonton. It deserves a much bigger, better reveiw than I have time for, but we’ll end with this… I’ve been trying very hard as of late to love winter in this frigid city — or at least be okay with it. 40 Below really helped open my eyes to the beauty and magic of winter in Edmonton, but it also made me okay with the fact that there are some things about our winters that I simply don’t like. And that’s pretty cool.

Oh, and 40 Below Volume 2 is on it’s way too, so that’s pretty neat!


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