Say What You Will, Cammie McGovern

I went to Chapters and noticed a 30% off sale on all hardcovers. This book was right at the front of the store and caught my eye. I went with my gut, bought it, and I am so glad I did!

Technically this is a young adult book. It centres around two high school students, Amy and Matthew. Amy has cerebral palsy and Matthew has pretty severe OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). They form an unlikely friendship which blossoms into love. There are tons of hiccups, miscommunications, and struggles along the way. What never waivers is how their souls remain connected in spite of everything and everyone else (including themselves).

I felt the gamut of feelings with this book (okay…I cried…a few times). I personally found the characters beautiful and believable in their reactions and flaws. I have experienced love like this and I have also been pretty pathetic at communicating too. So, I get it. We learn to love in spite of ourselves and a culture that markets one particular brand of “love”. I hope everyone will experience this type of love at some point, and I am not talking about the jealous, insane, lust-y, “save me/fix me/complete me” type that people and Hollywood mistake for the only type. I am talking about the type of love where you want someone to be fully themselves, flourishing, happy & well, whether that includes you or not. That type of love seeps out of your pores, transforms you into a better version of yourself, and rubs off on those around you. That’s the good stuff =)

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say what you


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