Yes Please, Amy Poehler


I like Amy Poehler, but I didn’t like this book. It’s hard to pin down exactly why, but I think it’s because Amy Poehler’s voice doesn’t (for me) translate well to the page. That’s something she discusses a bunch in this book – how she knows her strengths and plays to them, not that her voice doesn’t translate to the page – so it was a weird read. And I think it might just have been me.

Arielle liked this book a lot. I’m sure very many people liked this book a lot. I just didn’t. I don’t know. People like different things, and I really didn’t like reading this. I don’t have a lot to say about it other than that: I read it. Amy offers some sage advice, and seems like a really neat person, but there was just not enough information about her life.

The book was a bunch of stories, and I guess I was expecting more of a biography (although you’ll find it in the humour section at Chapters – why is that?). They’re nice stories, because Amy Poehler is a nice person, but man, it was a slog to get through. I took a break to go and get a butter chicken wrap, which was the high point of the book. For anyone who’s not been there, Origin India on Whyte makes the best butter chicken wrap you will ever have. And they’re really nice, to boot! If you find yourself midway through a book you don’t want to finish, you should probably head there. And now, I’m going to watch some Parks and Rec.

Books read: 28


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