1984, George Orwell

I know…why didn’t I read this in school? I have no idea. It never came up as required reading in any of my classes. I read Animal Farm right around the time I was learning about the Russian Revolution (which was super keen), but 1984 was never on the menu.

Now that I have read it, I understand why it is so popular in many classrooms. For example, Newspeak, Orwell’s created language, I can see how that could create some interesting discussions (or headaches?) for English teachers. Student: “Ugh…Why don’t WE talk in newspeak?! Why do I need to know what nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives are? They are so stupid! That would be double plus good to get rid them. See?! Double plus easyful!” Teacher: “No…that’s not the…ugh…”

Although I don’t think this is my favourite of the dystopian stories out there, I am glad I read it, especially during Bookstravaganza. How blessed am I to live in a country where I can go to a free library, read anything I want and write anything I want. The day someone even hints at getting rid of printed media or free libraries is a day we should all be weary of. Changing things on a medium like the internet is relatively easy, just click “delete” or “back space”. Printed media is much more of a nightmare to get rid of and/or change. That’s why we need it to persist, in order to have an accurate written history (blemishes and all).

So on that note, remember to use the library and donate to wonderful causes like, The EPL’s Welcome Baby Program! Let’s keep the written word and our history alive, well, and free for all =)

And just because I can, here is David Bowie’s song “1984“. (Side note: Tina Turner has a cover of this song on her Private Dancer album which was released in…you guessed it: 1984!)

Super side note: Out of ALL the mustached faces that could appear in my head when I thought of Big Brother, THIS was the face that would appear! I know he doesn’t look menacing, but if The Party told you to fear/love this face- you would! Oh, just go read the book…


Books Read: 13



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