The Stone Angel, Margaret Laurence


Goddamn it I love this book. I don’t want to waste your time with a review because you should just read it, and then we’ll meet to gush about it.

So many thoughts, and so little time. Can someone please link me to an essay that’s a detailed exploration of Lottie telling Hagar she doesn’t remember killing those baby chicks when she was little? (Because I may need to write it if it doesn’t exist.)

My family keeps interrupting the writing of this blog post (“What are you researching?” “How many books have you read?” “What else are you doing today?” “When will you be done on the computer?”), so I’m just going to make it quick. I should have written this a week ago when I finished the book. I’m sorry.

Also, FUCK I never want to get old. These are not complete thoughts. This is not a book review. I’m sorry.

One of my co-workers told me that when she immigrated to Canada, she was given this book to introduce her to Canadian culture. And while she enjoyed it, she was a bit confused by the choice, as if the government was saying, “Welcome to Canada, here’s all of the suffering and hardships you have to look forward to.”

But it’s brilliant and deserves its spot in the canon. Let’s start giving it to people who just cross the border for a day trip.

Have you read it yet?

Books read: 6


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