The Silent Wife, A.S.A. Harrison


This book is ridiculous; this book frustrated me. It’s a simple read and doesn’t have much going for it, so I was forced to focus on how much I hate the characters and the whole goddamned situation. This book is the embodiment of all the problems of patriarchy. Everyone easily excuses Todd’s selfish behaviour, let’s him drop his wife, buy an apartment with his friend’s now pregnant twenty-year-old daughter, get matching tattoos for the two of them. (My eyes rolled into the back of my head while I read that scene, and I was momentarily blinded and thankful that I could pause my reading.)

I dog-eared pages in disgust, opting to violently crease the paper–leave them scarred–over tearing it. (This book does belong to my sister, after all, and even though I don’t respect it, I can respect it as hers.)

Jodi’s reasoning for allowing her husband to sleep around on her? “Dr. Phil raises the bar too high, teach women to expect too much, and end up breeding discontent…. Do you want your man to be a man or do you want to turn him into a pussy? Don’t think you can have it both ways.” These are the only ways? As given by a psychologist? (I’m referring to Jodi here, not “Dr.” Phil.) Seriously?

The only thing that kept me reading was my cathartic need to watch Todd die. I don’t want to believe that Todds live in this world (I know they do; I have had the displeasure of talking to them), so I wanted the comfort of pretending that there was at least one less Todd breathing.

I’ll put this other dog-eared moment here, and maybe you’ll need to watch Todd die too. I’m sorry for that.

Todd, on why he had to hit his girlfriend: “He’s not a violent man…. But Natasha has to learn that she can’t push him around, that he won’t be pussy-whipped, not by her or any women…. And the truth is he barely laid a hand on her. A cuff on the ear can hardly be called abuse…. It was she who assaulted him, and yet she was surprised when he struck back. That’s a woman for you.”

On the cover, Elizabeth George says she “couldn’t put this book down.” I imagine this line in her review was preceded by a mention of the unfortunate moment when she spilt glue on her hands just before picking the book up.

Editor’s note: We had previously published that the book belonged to the writer’s mother, when in fact it belonged to his sister. This error has been fixed in this updated version. We regret the error and must note that it did not occur because, as a certain commentator believes, “You’ll do anything to avoid mentioning me in your reviews. Cigarette emoji.”

Books read: 7


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