Condemned to Repeat, Janice MacDonald


Why do all the people I want to hang out with have to be fictional? First, Hermione Granger, now Randy Craig. I swear, every time I read a Randy Craig novel I’m more devastated by the fact that she exists on these pages, instead of at the actual High Level Diner down the street.

That’s partly because Janice MacDonald does such a good job of the Edmonton novel. All the details, like Java Jive coffee (RIP), Fort Edmonton ghost stories, and the challenge of navigating one way streets around Saskatchewan Drive, create an incredible sense of place for anyone who’s lived here. I would love zombie tag at Spooktacular to be a thing. She’s also the queen of the mystery novel – I was poring over every page for clues, and was still surprised at how everything ended up.

My recaps are getting progressively shorter, and maybe that’s because it was a particularly busy week. I’m no longer certain I’ll reach my goal, because forty books is a lot of books, but I’m okay with that as long as I can enjoy every book as much as I enjoyed this one.

Books read: 22



2 responses to “Condemned to Repeat, Janice MacDonald

  1. Oooh, this book sounds fantastic! I love reading local books, the references to local places and stories make me so happy!

    I’m feeling the same about my goal- I totally underestimated how busy my December would be- between work, flu season, holiday commitments, and staying sane, I’ve had practically no time to read.

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