Mr g, Alan Lightman

I liked the concept of this book, better than the delivery. Mr g attempts to walk us through the creation of the universe, from God’s perspective. Cool idea, right? I heartily applaud the effort! However, how does a finite being attempt to venture into the mind of the infinite? If you get it right, I think you should win the Nobel prize (at the VERY least).

The God of this narrative is mostly uninvolved after the initial laws of physics are put into place. There are discussions about the soul and free will with a few other immortal characters (an uncle and aunt, as well as a couple of demon/devil type characters). All these immortals live with God in the void. Where did these other characters come from? Why does God have an aunt and uncle, but not parents? Perhaps God created all these other immortal characters too? The book does not outright explain this. I’ll forgive you, Mr. Lightman, there is already enough to tackle here.

Even C.S. Lewis, in the introduction of The Screwtape Letters, talks about how he wished he could write the juxtaposition of Screwtape (a demon) with a voice of the angels. However, he did not feel up to the task, knowing he is less than celestial or holy. Lewis was unsure how to even start describing the thoughts of the heavenly, from an imperfect mind.

Even if an immortal being could write this down for us, would we have the mechanics to even comprehend what was described? Or if a person had a John the Revelator type experience, would he/she have the words, the colours, the smells to even describe the event? I mean, have you read Revelation in the Bible? It’s pretty fantastic, but also kind of confusing. I am picturing John biting his lip and tightening his fists, because he did not have the words to accurately describe what he saw. I guess you do your best with a three-dimensional colour palette.

Books read: 8

mr. g


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