Like Water for Chocolate: This book inspires Mexican Food Cravings


Seriously all I want to do is eat lots of spicy, flavourful Mexican food. Each chapter in this novel starts off with a recipe. Of course many of them are complex and need all sorts of weird chilies, so I just settled for making burritos(not a recipe in the book, but one I know and threw in some anise, fennel, cinnamon and cloves). The book is a story about denied love because of a domineering mother that refuses to let her youngest daughter marry. It is the cruel tradition for the youngest daughter to look after her mother in her old age.

The thing I appreciated about this book other than all the delicious sounding food was the way metaphors become literal. Like when the main character Tita was crying there was a stream running down the stairs and they had to mop up. When she was deeply sad when making her sister’s wedding cake, the tears turned ran into the cake made everyone feel deep longing and sadness and projectile vomit everywhere. When her sister Gertrudis was burning with lust, she burnt down the whole shower and set the porch on fire. I can’t remember what this is called.. Magic realism, rings a bell? And I could google it, but basically I am saying I appreciate the metaphors becoming more than just metaphors. The metaphors giving the book a fable like quality.

However I do have to say the novelist’s take on love didn’t jive with my own. To her love is passionate and fiery, consuming the lovers. In fact love seemed to revolve entirely physical attraction, hands and looks scorching the other. And when Pedro sneaks up on Tita in the dark room and grabs her from behind to make love, that just gives me the willies. Hello Creeper. .

To me Passion is a part of love an important part, but not the whole kit and kaboodle. And love doesn’t consume or destroy, it creates! It creates bonds and changes us for the better. It’s not about jealousy, it’s about trust. Trusting the other person and trusting yourself enough to open up your heart like shutters to the outside and let in the sun!

PS also I want to try ALL of the Mexican food now. Who is up for a Mexican food night?!


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