Chasers of the Light: Poems from the Typewriter Series, Tyler Knott Gregson

chasers of light

I have a new favourite book! A late addition to my stack, that I serendipitously happened upon in Chapters this past weekend. I was initially drawn to the cover: the colours, the warmth of its design, and the typewritten font. Then I was delighted to find it was a book of poetry. Not just any poetry, but beautiful poetry! Poetry accompanied by thoughtfully taken photographs or typed on scraps of forgotten paper.

Poetry is not everybody’s cup of tea, but whatever blend this is, I am loving it! Remember when men used to write love letters to the women they adored? Well, this felt like a refreshing return to that time. I hope couples still write beautiful things to each other (and I do not mean texts and emails, I mean tangible letters and poems). Sincerely, if you have ever written a poem like this for a lady you love (and you are pretty sure she at least slightly adores you back), and you never shared it with her…Seriously, what are you waiting for?!? Get off the internet and send it or read it to her right this second. Don’t stress, the words just have to be truthful and come from your heart. Please don’t try to copy someone else’s words, she’ll know if the intention is disingenuous or a line (trust me).

I hope every woman has at least one poem, like the ones Tyler has written for his lover, written to her in her lifetime. More importantly, I hope the words of these poems are lived out daily and are not just lip service.

Here’s one of my favourite poems in the book. Whimsical and lovely:

helena downs

8 Loved his slender frame and prominent nose.  She loved how he always stood up tall and never slouched and was never afraid to lead the way for the rest.  1 loved her for her curves and the bravery that came in embracing the shape she was born with.  He loved the way she didn’t care what the others thought and always felt like a smile.  They left the Helena Downs together, bold in the leap where the others stuck and settled.  They’d all heard the rumor of the last time someone left, the legend of 10 and how he too took a chance, but finally found his way back, never feeling quite the same, never having the same sparkle or shine. Still they went.  1 and 8 and they’ve not been seen since.

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