The Spellman Files

spellman files

My friend lent me a nice stack of books to add to my Bookstravaganza pile today and this was one of the ones she lent me. Definitely not a serious read, this fun little romp is about a dysfunctional family of private investigators. Narrated by Isabel Spellman, the story is a predictable but amusing family drama.

I’m not sure I would necessarily recommend the book, while entertaining, I don’t really think my life has improved thanks to having read this novel. If you’re looking for a light read to enjoy on the beach, it’s a good pick to pass a bit of time without committing to a plot line and characters. Most of the people in the book are fairly predictable and the plot is unremarkable; what redeems The Spellman Files is Isabel’s sarcastic narration and the ridiculous family squabbles. The book starts off weakly and disorganized, the middle section should have been the beginning, and the final third of the book condenses all of the best material, I think adjusting the balance of some of the sections would have made this a much better read. If we were giving our books little popcorn kernel ratings this would be lucky at a generous 3, settling in at amusing mediocrity.

Books read: 4


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