Tender Buttons, Gertrude Stein


Things I did tonight instead of working on my paper:

1. Painted my nails with a nail polish that makes me want to get in fights (check it , let’s go vandalize some bridges)
2. Baked scones
3. Baked cookies
4. Cleaned the kitchen
5. Cleaned the bathroom
6. Thought about vacuuming
7. Conspired
8. Guiltily avoided social interaction
9. Watched videos of Sami Zayn’s mentor, El Generico
10. Read this book
11. Realizing I had no idea what had happened in this book, re-read it

I still have no idea what’s going on in this book. Sheesh. Okay, so this is among Gertrude Stein’s more experimental works. It’s sort of a collection of poems about the everyday mundane (beefsteak, milk, carafes, etc.), and also just a wild set of experiments with rhythm and sound and the connections between objects and words. Basically, it’s verbal Cubism. She wrote this at the same time that Picasso was painting her portrait, if that gives you any idea.

Not the book to read immediately after Annie Dillard, then, but a handy thing to read when considering semiotics. And if that had anything to do with the paper I really need to write, I’d be in business.

Books read: 10


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