Science For Her – Megan Amram


“It’s just like the old saying goes.  Women are like snowflakes – they can’t drive.

No doubt about it – Science For Her is the most ridiculous book I have ever read in my life.  Fortunately I survived the extreme bouts of stomach stitches that laughing at this book caused, as well as the silent judgement by my roommate who had to listen to me cackle wildly in my reading chair like a mental case as I read this book last night.

I have been following Megan Amram on Twitter since I got a Twitter.  She’s one of my favourite Tweeters, and her satirical, unconventional and sometimes off-colour sense of humour is what got me hooked.  When I found out she was writing a satirical book called “Science For Her,” it immediately became my most-anticipated book of 2014.

Some of the things she says are so ridiculous that you can’t even imagine what kind of crazy person would say these things out loud.  Science For Her is every stupid poop joke, fart joke, sex joke, etc. that I’ve kept to myself SPECIFICALLY because I don’t want to offend.  But Megan Amram just lets her freak flag fly, which is probably one of the reasons she has been so successful in comedy.  One of my favourite sections was “What religion is best for your body type” – who even thinks of that?  (For the record, pear-shaped women like myself are best suited to Catholicism because wearing a giant cross will bring attention to our pretty clavicles and away from our big hips).

Reading the Goodreads reviews, it’s obvious that this style of humour and parody is not for everyone, but I ate it up like a goddamn baby bird.  If you, like Megan Amram, don’t take things too seriously and love a good satire, you will love this book.

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