Booker T: From Prison to Promise, Booker T. Huffman

booker t
I thought this book was going to be about wrestling. The subtitle, ‘life before the squared circle,’ probably should have tipped me off that it would instead be about Booker T’s early life.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Are you telling me that you don’t know who Booker T is? Are you implying that the folks who read the Bookstravaganza blog are not exclusively fans of professional wrestling? That is a stunning revelation and I never would have expected it. You should watch this video and get yourself up to speed. Can you dig it, sucka?

Alrighty. For a book that was not about wrestling, this was a passable ghostwritten biography. Booker T’s early life was awful. Orphaned at thirteen, his siblings either abandoned him or exposed him to a life of drugs and prostitution. Imprisoned for a series of Wendy’s burglaries, he remade his life, earning his GED and joining the prison weightlifting team. It’s pretty inspirational, as these things go. And for a ghostwritten book, it’s got some pretty good sentences. It’s not a particularly challenging book to read, but not all books have to be.

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